Memorial – Dedicatory Scholarships




Below is the information and requirements for the Memorial – Dedicatory Scholarships:

  • The Award may be a direct donation or acquired through fund raising
  • The donor must sponsor, assist and be actively involved with any fund raising activity
  • The Award and any fund raising activity must adhere to The Nicol Foundation (TNF) Mission
  • The Award and any fund raising activity must be approved by the institution (school, church, or organization) and TNF Board of Directors
  • An Award cannot be fully granted until all required funds are submitted
  • The scholarship recipient must be independently evaluated and selected by an agreed upon method of the TNF Scholarship Committee and school/church/organization
  • Donations are tax-deductible and non-refundable upon receipt and deposit by TNF
  • The base Award is $500 ($700 donation) (a double Award (i.e. $1,000) requires a double donation ($1,400))
  • The Perpetual Scholarship may vary in value over time. The goal is to grow in value and distribute roughly 5% annually.
  • Honoree will also receive a certificate/plaque to commemorate the recognition
  • Donations consist of the Award plus (40% P & D = processing and donation) 20% for processing and 20% for additional donation to help fund other TNF educational projects
  • Donations may be (indicate option selection and donation amount):
  1. One-time: $700 ($500 Award plus $200 (40% P & D) $100 for Processing and $100 Donation)
  2. Perpetual: $14,000 ($10,000 @ 5% = $500 annual Award plus $4,000 (40% P & D) $2,000 for Processing